our kitchen

My kitchen is the expression of my personality: it is a wonderful journey from the imagination to the creation of an idea… often a dish!

Instinct: a cuisine made of sensations, taste and pleasure for what I am trying to do, from this come the names of our tasting menus.

Curiosity: since I was a child, curiosity has been a resource that has fascinated me a lot and still makes me discover things, people and places that enrich me every day.

Willingness: to emerge, to look ahead, to be influenced and inspired by everything around me. I’m never totally satisfied on my job and I always push myself go further, looking for improvement in everything I do.

Human relationships: are crucial in our lives, especially in this job. I consider illiberty as a family and an opportunity for our personal growth, with training, energy, respect for others and curiosity, pillars for those who work with me.

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Andrea Provenzani

chef executive

Paolo Valentino

sous chef

Patricio Molina

hall director

Andrea Lorenzini

commis de rang