Our menu changes periodically to follow the seasonality of the products.


Tarte Tatin with tomato and red prawns

Red prawns carpaccio, burrata, basil and green lemon zest

€ 22,00

Calamari, broccoli, olives and anchovies

Roasted calamari, double broccoli, fresh olive cream and anchovy bread

€ 20.00

Crispy cockerel with mustard, friggitelli and spring onion

Boneless and marinated cockerel with mustard, Tabasco and lemon

in beer and mustard tempura

€ 17,00

Shallots, gorgonzola, chestnuts and walnuts

Spiced red wine lacquered shallots, natural gorgonzola

chestnut and walnut crumble

€ 17.00



Super chitarrino with double anchovies

Anchovies, fennel, raisins, pine nuts and anchovies au gratin

€ 18.00

Risotto with cacio cheese, pepper and sea urchins

Risotto with cacio cheese and blend of peppers, sea urchins and lime

€ 19,00

Gnocchi, chestnuts and fontina cheese

Roast gnocchi stuffed with chestnuts on cheese fondue and black cardamom

€ 18.00

“Almost a lasagna”

Roasted cappelletti stuffed with Bolognese ragout, veal stock with Marsala, soft milk foam and nutmeg

€ 18,00


“Steam in brodetto”

Monkfish, mullet, squid, shrimp and steamed croaker

Fish and shellfish broth, fried bread croutons and confit tomato

€ 28,00

Fish and chips

Cod and pumpkin in tempura with hollandaise sauce

€ 28,00

Pork belly with scampi

Pork belly, raw prawns with sesame,

spring onion, coriander and pak choi

€ 26,00

Milanese “pink” veal cutlet

Mustard potato millefeuille, sweet and sour borretana onion

our ketchup and light green sauce

€ 30.00

Iberian lamb and artichokes

Angus picanha cooked CBT 36 hours in aromatic oil

its stock of vegetables and sautéed porcini mushrooms

€ 24.00

Wrapped Aubergine Parmigiana

With stracciatella and crunchy courgette threads

€ 18,00


Chestnuts, chocolate and persimmons

Chestnuts semifreddo with candied chestnuts, chocolate with persimmon, cocoa grue flavored with rum

€ 10,00

Caprese cake and almond ice cream

Caprese cake with chocolate and crunchy almond ice cream

€ 10.00


Crispy cylinder filled with tabacco ciocolate cream,

fior di latte ice cream and coffee cream

€ 10,00


Mascarpone cream, hazelnut crumble with cocoa and coffee ice cream

€ 10,00

Burnt cream

Raspberries and licorice

€ 10,00